20 worst foods for belly fat

20 worst foods for belly fat

We all have heard this particular adage- “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. Yes indeed the food that we consume these days can either build our immune system or else destroy it.

That’s why it is very essential to consume a balanced diet and get rid of crappy junk food as the body is the only place that we live in and so we must take care of it by nourishing our body with good foods entering our system or else we might get prone to a high waist circumference with a harmful belly fat leading to various kinds of diseases like cardiovascular diseases and heart attack.

Following are 20 worst foods for belly fat which should definitely be avoided:

20 Worst Foods For Belly Fat to Avoid


All of us love chips. We either have it with alcohol or serve it to guests for parties. They are not only high in calories which can add up to a high waist circumference and abdominal fat but also very rich in sodium which can lead to various cardiovascular diseases. Hence go for healthier alternatives instead like wheat flakes or sorghum puffs. Do not forget to read the labels before you decide to buy a product. Check for the sugar content, calories per serving, Vitamin and mineral content as well as trans-fat.

Trans-fat is partially hydrogenated which is hazardous for health and can lead to various diseases which can be fatal too. Hence make sure that the product does not contain trans-fat. Sometimes they mention that the product is free from trans-fat but you have to be clever enough to check the ingredients mentioned behind the pack. If partially hydrogenated vegetable oil is mentioned. It means that trans-fat is definitely present in that product.


We all might feel that vegetable canned foods are safer and healthier. But do not forget that canned foods have a lot of sodium and preservatives added to it which can lead to obesity kind of disorders and increase your abdominal fat level to the core leading to various heart related disorders like atherosclerosis and heart attack. Hence avoid consuming canned foods. Be smart while selecting foods to consume as I stated earlier that-“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.


Highly sweetened beverages like thumbs-up and various other cold-drinks are very high in sugar which will lead to an increase in the number of empty calories without any essential nutrients which will only lead to weight gain and a high abdominal circumference making your belly look like a horrible pouch like ever. They do not even help to quench your thirst. For that you need to hydrate yourself well by having lots of water.

You can prepare your own detox drink by having cucumber, lemon and mint leaves. Coconut water is also a good source of summer drink that will replenish your body with the lost electrolytes.


If you eat burger, you will also look like a burger! Burger is one such kind of a bad fat snack or meal which contains a lot of saturated fat and trans-fat as well which can increase your abdominal circumference and make you increase your belly fat which will make you prone to various illnesses.

The level of Very Low Density Lipoprotein and Low Density Lipoprotein will be raised if you consume foods like burger and the level of High Density Lipoprotein (Good Fats that decrease harmful cholesterol from the arteries) will indeed decrease. We all definitely do not want that to happen.


Everyone loves French fries and especially French fries from Mc Donald’s. Did you know the level of sodium in these fries? If you frequently consume these fries then you are not only prone to develop a belly fat but also put on solid weight inviting a range of diseases as guests. Hence instead of French fries why not try French beans which are low in calories as well and loaded with antioxidants!


In today’s world, people find it very difficult to manage time and want things that are really very easy to cook. Cold-cuts is one such thing that people prefer to have these days. But let me tell you that cold-cuts contain very high amounts of sodium and can also lead to weight gain in individual’s leading to a high, bulgy and protruding belly. So instead of having cold-cuts sandwich have freshly prepared chicken sandwich which is much healthier and nutritious too.


Fried noodles not only contain ajinomoto and Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG) which are hazardous for heath and according to various research studies also lead to cancer and weight gain in individuals with a high belly fat in individuals. They also use oil’s in restaurants of which we are not surely aware of the quality used in these dishes.

According to various research studies reported it has been observed that individual’s consuming these dishes on a regular basis reported cases of high blood pressure and hypertension too. Hence you can consume other healthier and less oily foods like antioxidant rich vegetable and pulse rich which is much more nutritious than fried noodles.


This particular Italian food is the favourite food of all. And to top it all, various offers are available in stores like if you purchase one large pizza you get one medium pizza free which leads to an increase in belly fat of a person due to consuming these unnecessary unwanted calories. Also did you know that pizza’s overloaded with cheese and meat balls can also contribute to an increase in bad fats in your body like VLDL and LDL and lower HDL (Good fats).

You can also suffer from high blood pressure and hypertension because of the extra sodium and preservatives used in pizzas. Also it is harmful for diabetics especially type two diabetics because of raise in the glycemic index of the blood. Thus consume healthier options instead like whole grain chicken wraps loaded with veggies instead.


Which girl would say a “BIG-NO” to hot brownies or pastries especially when she is depressed. Not only on sad occasions but also on a happy occasion like celebrating your success, Pastry or hot brownie is a must for girls especially. But did you also know that it contains high amounts of sugar which can make you prone to type two diabetes and make you put on weight with a big belly?

Well you should definitely try to avoid consuming these for the sake of your health.


Well for all the chronic alcoholics out there, let me tell you that alcohol would not only have severe health effects on your liver out there but also would contribute to your waist circumference by increasing the level of your belly fat.

Have other healthy beverages instead like green tea with is loaded with catechins and antioxidants as well which is good for your health and will help to prevent various diseases like cancer, heart diseases and GI diseases. It will also eradicate the toxins from your skin thus making your skin glow like ever.


Sodas are empty calories that is they do not contain essential nutrients but they are high in sugar which can lead to weight gain in an individual contributing to a high waist circumference and high belly fat. Thus consume other antioxidant rich drinks like the ABC juice that is Apple, Carrot and Beetroot drink. You can add a bit of amla too in it as it a very rich source of vitamin C which is good for your skin and hair as well.


Either for breakfast or for snacks, many individuals enjoy having biscuits and cookies along with tea. To switch to the healthier version they might think oats cookies are healthier and gobble it endlessly without feeling guilty.

Let me tell you that any kind of biscuit or cookies contains trans-fat and need butter and maida for binding purpose which again makes it a weight gain and a belly gaining option gain. Hence my dear friends kindly avoid consuming things which are not good for your health.


Many people come up with their own theories and logic stating that ice cream is a complete food and is good for health. What about the sugar content in it? Is it well balanced? Ask yourself this question. The more sugar you consume, the more you start craving for it. Not only it is high in sugar but also it is high in fat which will lead to weight gain and high belly fat. So indulge in having ice-creams in the correct proportion and occasionally to be healthy.


Previously many individuals claimed margarine to be a healthy alternative to be added in food like cakes but later on many studies revealed that it is even more harmful than consuming butter as it is partially hydrogenated and contains trans-fat.

Thus avoid consuming anything that contains margarine. Even if the food labels say that a product contains zero trans-fat. Remember that a product is allowed to be stated as zero trans-fat when it contains trans-fat less than 0.5. But that does not mean that the product does not contain trans-fat at all.


Consuming white bread can raise the glycemic index (sugar level) of your blood quickly and make you more prone to weight gain and having a big belly. Instead try consuming whole wheat wraps or sorghum wraps with vegetable and pulse included in the wraps which is a much healthier alternative.


Not only many children but also many adults these days consume sugary lollipops which are loaded with ample amount of sugar good enough to trigger weight gain and increase your belly fat percentage. Instead of this one can have healthy fruits and vegetable popsicles which are sugar free and cool as well as it will load you up with enough antioxidants as well.


We all love to have this sauce especially in our wraps but little do we know that barbeque sauce contains high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) which according to many research studies is dangerous for the health of your heart and is carcinogenic. Overconsumption of high fructose corn syrup can also lead to weight gain and a high belly fat. Thus do avoiding consuming this sauce especially at restaurants.


Waffles are tasty! Waffles are loving! We often engage a feeling associated with how we feel while consuming something especially while consuming something sweet like waffles.

Especially if you give kids or teenagers waffles they will happily over consume it but will say a big “NO” to consuming home-made food. This is because of the sugar content in waffles which will make you crave consuming something more sweet which will lead to weight gain and a big belly fat and various cardiovascular disorders and type 2 diabetes.


Chocolates is another depression reliever for some people. Post breakup many girls are seen over consuming cakes, pastries and chocolates and gaining weight and high belly fat.

Well high fatty and sugary foods like these can lead to various diseases like coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, hypertension and heart attack. Thus avoid consuming high fatty and sugary foods. Indulging in such foods sometimes is okay but not every-time.


Consuming deep fried foods also again and again repeatedly in the same oil can increase the level of trans fat consumed by a person which can not only lead to weight gain and a high belly fat but also various other cardiovascular diseases.

Thus consume a complete and a balanced diet to stay healthy. No short cut or fad diets could lead to long lasting results. I hope you really loved reading this article on 20 Worst Foods For Belly Fat and would definitely avoid consuming these foods and stay healthy.


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