How to reduce belly fat in 10 days

How to reduce belly fat in 10 days

Among the most challenging things to maintain in a person’s body is a flat belly. Studies show that belly fat is an issue that doubles chances of heart disease attacks. Even if you’re not obese, belly fats increase the chances of your death. A study conducted in July 2017 shows that more than 90% of men have belly fats . If you are one among these men, and trying to de-bloat or flatten your midsection then you have come to the right page.

In this article, we’re discussing how to reduce belly fat in 10 days plan. The plan, however, doesn’t include the deprivation. The following are some of the tips that you should consider following for you to get a flat stomach.


Below are 9 steps to reduce belly fat in 10 days

1. Understand which food to eliminate

The first thing is removing the ten belly bloater foods. These include beans, dairy products, high salt foods, soft drinks, sugar, artificial sweeteners, gluten, alcohol, and high sugar fruits. You might think that only diet rich in fats can make your stomach bloat. However, that is not the case as the foods mentioned above are the main contributors to your stomach bloating.

2. Adopt a seven-hour meal plan

The second step to helping you flatten your belly is to take longer the gaps between meals. The most recommended is the seven-hour style. When you condense your food into an extended period, your body makes use of the fats for energy. In this way, more fats especially the ones stored along your belly get burned to provide the body with the needed strength.

3. Your Breakfast meal

For this meal plan, let’s do something different. Include the Bone Broth as a way to kick in your day. It should be the foundation of your morning. But why should you consider eating bone broth for your breakfast? One, it’s rich in nutrients and offers with almost everything it needs. Also, it’s simple and easy to prepare bone broth, and also it’s inexpensive to make.

The other reason is the fact that it helps to cut on high carb intakes. Also, it features a low calorie. Low intakes of the carbs help to make sure that your body relies on other sources of energy such as fats for normal functioning of the body. In this way, you’re able to de-bloat your stomach.

Among the best options include the coffee bone broth for a breakfast type of food. You also need to make the meal delicious. For this reason, we recommend that you consider adding the espresso powder in small amounts. The powder adds tastes and an extra kick, something that many people desire. Note that, people love the bone broth mixture and that’s why thousands of them are using it.

Many of the users claim the coffee bone broth to be delicious and ideal for the morning meals. It contains beef undertone and features a strong caffeine taste that makes it impressive. Other people love taking it when warm, and they consider it as comforting.

4. What to take for lunch

When you go for lunch, you need to eat something that will keep you full for a more extended period. For example, you can consider taking on smoothes or shakes. When taking the smoothie, you can consider adding little vegetables and mix. Also, add some coconut milk and ice. For those who would love to add some sweeteners, adding Stevia or Monk fruits will work a miracle.

The food is excellent in that; it keeps you full for an extended period. These are what we call the slim gestion foods. They work in a way that they reduce inflammation in your body. The thing to consider with the question meals is to ensure that you have reasonable amounts of proteins, healthy fats and vegetables.

The presence of this stuff is the fact that they help in burning of the already stored fats in the body. The precaution is to ensure that your meal cuts on the intake of carbs. The more carbs you eat, the more fats get stored in your body, and the resultant is the bloated stomach.

5. Dinner Meals

If you want to do away with belly fats, consider Mediterranean foods as they have promising results. These foods reach in mono saturated fatty acids that eat away the belly fats. Examples include the nuts, seeds, olive oil, fish and avocados. Regular evening yogurt is also helpful. The foods help to burn the belly fats and carry in them all the nutrients your body needs. Therefore, for dinner meals, adapt to the Mediterranean diet, and you’ll love the results.

6. Eat Hours before sleep

If you want to improve on how to reduce belly fat in 10 days, stop eating an hour before getting to bed. Doctors recommend that you should always eat at least three hours earlier to bedtime. In this way, you make sure that the digested foods get used up. When asleep, your body is reluctant and therefore will have no use for the food. As a result, much of the food gets stored as fats in your body, and this can facilitate building up the upper belly fat.

7. Continue on daily physical exercise

For you to make sure that your belly fat cure plan works as designed, you need to keep up with your exercise schedule. Physical activities help to burn the stored fats to provide the body with energy to complete on its tasks. The burning of the stored fats helps to prevent possible body inflammations. In this way, it helps you to fasten the process of how to flatten your belly in a short while.

With physical exercises, you can consider going for 30 minutes run daily. Also, going for gym workouts can be a great option that you can take. Participating in sports is another option that you can consider engaging your body physically. However, in games, it should field activities such as being in a hockey team. In such ways, you get rid of the excess body fats.

8. Avoid Emotional Eating

When you get stressed, there are chances that you feel the urge to eat more foods. If you respond to the feeling, this is what we call emotional eating. Most of the foods that you eat in such a situation are snacks. They are high in fats and carb concentrations.

It means that, your body piles-up on stored fats that can result in problems of a bloated belly. The only proper way is to make sure that you have snacks in your cabinet or readymade food. Also, avoid staying idle if you want to cut on this behavior.

9. Reduce stress

For proper digestion, you need to reduce stress levels. We already saw that stressful conditions increase your desire to overeat. It’s a condition that can cause the fat belly condition. You should, therefore, work on your stress levels to minimize them.

You were wondering how to go about eliminating your belly fats? The above is the answer you have been looking for all this time. Note that, you don’t have to practice all the steps. What you need is to pick a few that works for your body.

Also, don’t change your lifestyle at once but rather do it gradually. In this way, you give room for your body to adjust slowly and avoid disappointments. If you have any health complications, consider talking with your doctor first.


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