55 Foods to Reduce Belly Fat | Natural and Healthy foods to lose belly fat

55 Foods to Reduce Belly Fat | Natural and Healthy foods to lose belly fat

So, you have decided to shed those extra kilos off your body and do something about the tires and love handles on your body.

But wondering where to start?

Well, it’s the same with everyone. When I decided to lose my post pregnancy weight I was also clueless since I couldn’t devote my time to long hours of workout due to baby. So, I consulted my doctor and he recommended to me that I need to focus on a combination of good diet and light exercise. As I did more research, I found out that there are certain foods which help you to reduce your belly fat. You will find a whole list of these foods ahead.

Few foods have low calorie content and high nutritious value and they help you in achieving your ideal weight in a healthy way without the need of extreme diets. These types of foods are known as super foods and are great to achieve fitness.

They just don’t ensure your supply of vitamins and nutrients but also help you in burning your fat fast. If are trying to lose weight then you really need to read this!

It will be a perfect guide to follow whenever you are contemplating what to eat and what all you should have in your kitchen to enhance your weight loss journey!

These foods used to provide nutrition, burn belly fat, keep me energetic and make me full for long time.

Having belly fat is irritating and frustrating in general but it reaches its threshold when we were going to a party and the dress we planned to wear is not fitting us anymore! It decreases your self-confidence.

Well, I know exactly how it feels. Its hard to accept the fact that we need to lose weight and practicing it is even harder. We try to lose weight but our belly just doesn’t want it. I used to be unhappy while looking myself in the mirror. I started avoiding going out and used to feel sad and pathetic.

But then I decided to change this. I realized that I can’t just sit and keep on pitying myself. II need to take control of my life and how I look and that’s how I ended up doing all the research. I have prepared this list for you so that everyone dealing with belly fat issues can benefit from my experience. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s discover all the food options that will help you become healthy and fit once again!

Here is the list of foods that help you to burn belly fat fast and keep you healthy!

Make sure you add them to your diet whenever you can and start burning extra fat fast with these foods:-

55 foods that burn belly fat fast 

55 foods that burn belly fat

1)Black Beans

There are good gut bacteria in your stomach which need food to live and one of their favourite options are black beans! Gut bacteria feed on the soluble fibre of these beans and convert them into butyrate which is a chemical that helps your body burn body fat to produce energy. For each half cup of black beans, you get over 8gms of fibre which is even double than what an apple claims to have!

They are popular in Latin America and can also be found in Creole and Cajun cuisines. Just like most of beans, it’s natively found in America but is consumed all over the world. You can eat it with lime juice, tomatoes and chillies.


Freshly caught salmon is full of omega-3 fatty acids that are well known to treat inflammation and helping you lose extra belly fat. In fact this healthy fat fights against inflammation by increasing a hormone named adiponectin which enhances metabolism and help you burn fat.

So, add this pink fish in your list of veggies that you have to buy from store as its rich in both DHA and EPA which are the 2 active forms of Omega-3s. Basically salmons are found in North Atlantic (genus Salmo) and Pacific Ocean. You can find canned salmon in grocery stores. Open the can, add lemon juice or cocktail sauce and enjoy!


You should not be scared of fat anymore! Now you have creamy avocados to rescue you from fat accumulation with its abundance of monounsaturated fat which will sow down your appetite.

Lancet endocrinology and diabetes studied 90,257 people for years and found out that participant who tried to eat low-fat diet had equal risk of being overweight as compared to those who ate whatever they wanted. They are found in South Central Mexico. So, here you are with another reason to bite into an avocado toast! You can even add them to your salad or make a paste and add it to your toasts.

4)Miso Paste

Looking for ways to lose belly fat? Well, first need to ensure that you include those foods in your diet which support balanced gut microbiome- e.g. miso paste. Yes, we are talking about the stuff from which we make miso soup. It’s made from fermentation of soybeans with koji and salt, miso paste teamed with gut-healthy bacteria can help you to boost your digestive system and enhancing your immune system and burn belly fat.

Here is the proof, as per a study published in British Journal of Nutrition, researchers did a study and compared women following a low calorie diet taking either a probiotic supplement or probiotic for a time period of 12 weeks. In the end of the study, it was found that women who took placebo lost less weight than those who took probiotic along with their calories regulated meal plans.  You can easily find it in grocery stores labelled as “soybean paste”

You can apply it to your toast or add it to your salad.

5)Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are rich in Carotenoids, which is a plant based derivative antioxidant that works to make blood sugar levels stable and reduce insulin resistance. Thus they prevent calories from turning into belly fat. They are mainly found in Central America. To get an effortless quick snack or side dish, put a whole piece into oven and bake it on high setting till it gets soft and enjoy it anytime!


Now, forget keeping a track of calories in your weight loss ordeal and instead focus on your protein intake. Muscles steal the fat cells from your abdomen area for energy maintaining gains is the perfect way to get that washboard abs. One egg has around 78 calories and 6 gm proteins. You can find them in your nearest grocery store. You can try different recipes from bread omelette to French toast or scrambled eggs. It’s an extremely versatile food.


Oats have a hard-to find soluble fibre known as beta-glucans which gets distributed in your small intestine in gel form and lead to low levels of cholesterol in blood, enhancing immune system, regulating glucose levels in blood and thus providing a sense of satiety.

Also known as common oat is a species of cereal grain. You can enjoy this belly fat reducing meal by mixing up one of the overnight oat recipe the night before. My favourite is adding honey, strawberry, oats and milk and keep it overnight and enjoy it next day!


This red fruit will torch down all your fat genes. Here’s how it happens? Plums have phenolic compounds also known as flavonoids which is responsible for the deep red colour of plums and it also leads to its fat burning ability.

Plums have a lot of pectin which is a gelatine type fibre present within this fruit’s cell walls which limits down the fats that can be absorbed by your cells. They originated in Asia. It can be eaten raw at any time of the day.


So, there is some reason that Popeye loves spinach and gets its energy boost from it!Its dark green leaves consist of a long-chain molecule of sugar known as sulfoquinovose (SQ), which will help you reduce the size of your midsection.

As per a study in journal, SQ promotes good gut bacteria growth which prevents bad bacteria from settling in your gut which leads to belly fat and cause inflammation. You can find it in your nearest grocery store.  Add walnuts, goat cheese sliced strawberries along with a handful of these leafy greens and there you go, you can enjoy a satisfying meal!


Beets are a succulent root veggie which is a rich source of betaine. Betaine is an amino acid that leads to a positive affect on the insulin resistance mechanism, enhances your mood, makes fat genes inactive and destroys bacteria released from belly fat responsible for inflammation. You can find it in your nearest grocery store.  You can add it to your smoothies and enjoy the benefits of beetroot!

11)Coconut Oil

As per a study published in journal Lipids, participants who added this tropical oil to their diets had seen a significant decrease in their abdomen obesity as compared to those who had inflammatory soybean oil in their diet.

How does it make our belly flatter? It’s assumed that coconut oil has medium-chain triglycerides which gets burned in the form of energy instead of getting stored in the form of fat and lauric acid that burns the belly fat. It’s basically extracted from meat or kernel of mature coconut which we get from coconut palm. You can use it for cooking as cooking oil.

12)Nut & Seed Trail Mix

As per a Danish study, people who consumed a plant protein rich meal instead of animal protein rich meal felt more satiated for a significant time. You can find them in grocery store near you. You should pack a handful of walnuts, flab frying peanuts and sunflower seeds with you and munch them whenever hunger pangs start to bother you before the next meal. You just need to ensure that you don’t over eat them as they have to be eaten in moderate amounts.

13)Greek Yogurt

It’s not just your favourite protein which you can eat whenever you feel hungry. Greek yogurt is also great for fighting off belly fat. As per a recent study told at the annual society for endocrinology conference, researchers found out that during digestion and breaking down of protein, resulting amino acid, trigger hormone and phenylalanine reduces your appetite thus leading to weight loss. If you pass through a dairy aisle, don’t forget to grab pack of protein-rich Greek yogurt for you! You cane at it directly or add it to fruits!


As per a study given in the Journal Oncogene, turmeric has antioxidants like Curcumin and is very effective to treat inflammation.  It’s grown in India and South Asia. It’s the dried rhizome part of curcuma longa. As belly fat causes inflammation and makes it difficult to lose weight fast, adding turmeric on your eggs or adding it to your milk will help you in tightening your tummy.


Light Tuna is a great food option to be added to your diet, it’s packed with protein, affordable and burns belly fat. As per a study in the journal of Lipid Research, it was found that when you add omega-3 fatty acids to your diet, it will help you turn off the fat genes.

As fish consists of two omega-3 types- EPA and DHA, researchers have found that DHA will be 40 to 70% effective as compared to EPA in controlling fat genes and preventing fat cells from growing in size. It’s found in all the oceans all over the world. You can find them in grocery store near you in cans. So, open a can of tuna now and add to your next meal as this fish has highest DHA content!


When you sleep, body produces ghrelin which is a hunger hormone that encourages you to eat more next day. If you want to stay on track with your weight loss goals, have a banana. They have magnesium, potassium which is minerals that relax your muscles and makes your body sleepy. They are basically grown in tropical areas like Africa, pacific, Caribbean and Latin America.

This fruit helps you feel and appear thin. It was found that women who had banana daily twice a day before every meal for 2 months had 50% decrease in their bloating, which is due to potassium’s de bloating properties. You can consume directly or add to your custard pudding and enjoy it!


So, by now, we know that it’s not even that difficult to lose weight as it seemed. You just need to shake few cinnamon over your oats and you will see that extra belly fat going away in a month! As per a study by Clinical Nutrition given in American Journal, it was found that cinnamon is spices which regulates blood sugar and reduce secretion of insulin and prevents sugar from being stored as fat. Its grown in India, Sri Lanka, Brazil and Caribbean. Try sprinkling some of it on your smoothies or latte!

18)Whole Grain Bread

Replace your regular breakfast options ciabatta loaf, flour tortillas or frosted flakes with whole wheat bread! According to Erin, RD, CDE. Whole grains are a rich source of Vitamin B, fibre and even play a decent role in regulation of blood sugar levels. This is just not it, one of the main reasons why you need to add it to your meals is that it helps you lose belly fat.

You can find them in grocery store near you. You can make toasts or eat them with omelette. There are a lot of choices for you. You just have to replace other bread with it. So for each grain you eat, ensure that its 100% whole grain.

19)Grass-Fed Meats

Leucine is a potential amino acid which enhances building up of lean muscle mass which is required to reduce excess fat you’re your body. As per Jennifer McDaniel MS, LD., Red meat has Leucine in abundance. Choose grass-fed meat so that you can enjoy the additional benefit of conjugated linoleic acid and omega-3s. These fats lead to a decrease in fat stored and inflammation. It can be found anywhere. You can use it just like normal meat. You just need to replace normal meat with it to enjoy its benefits!

20)Cayenne Pepper

The moment, cayenne pepper goes in your mouth and touches your tongue; it will start burning the fat cells in your belly. As per a study of Clinical nutrition in American Journal, it was found that capsaicin is one of the main compounds of pepper which is responsible for the heat enhances the belly fat loss by increasing the ability of body to produce energy from food. It originated from Cayenne region of French Guiana. You can add it to any dish except sweet dish. Add some colour and heat to your dishes with Cayane Pepper!


Think of these red berries as your weight loss pills. Raspberry makes you feel full and has antioxidants and ketones which help in burning fat. Just like other berries, they have plant chemicals brimming with power and polyphenols which have proven to reduce the midsection of body. They are grown all over Europe, Canada and United States and believed to be evolved from Eastern Asia. Add them to your oatmeal in breakfast or eat them as snack to enjoy its benefits!


One of the most juicy gift of nature that falls brings with itself is Apple found at grocery stores. Whether you chose the pink lady apple or granny smith, this fruit filled with juices has been known to reduce excess fat. You just remember to eat it without peeling it.

Apple peels has a compound known as ursolic acid which will help you to enhance your brown fat and muscle mass which is a good fat that burns away extra fat from your midsection. Apple tree is believed to be originated in Central Asia. You can eat it raw or add it to your oatmeal or fruit salad.


Grapes contain more sugar than most of the low-carb fruits, they also have unknown flab-reducing benefits. As per a study by Washington University, resveratrol is an antioxidant present in grapes which produces beige fat from white fat which helps in burning calories thus reducing your obesity by 40%.

All you need to do is include 3 servings of resveratrol daily. Grapes aren’t the only source of this fat fighter, berries and apple has it too! Grapes were originated from grapevines of Mediterranean and Central Asia. You can eat them as snacks or add it to fruit salad.


Go ahead; pour a glass of wine for you. But ensure that the wine is Petite Sirah, Pinot Noir, Malbec or St. Laurent as these are the wines which have high content of fat burner resveratrol. But you need to drink just few sips as a full glass will lead to 100 calories, hangover and craving of greasy cheese sandwich which is not good for your belly. Earliest memories of wine start with China, Georgia and Iran. You can enjoy it just like any other drink.

25)Dinosaur Kale

Kale is surely overrated, but it’s not the same with Dinosour kale known as black kale which surely deserves to be hyped. Its green-blue leaves are softer and less bitter than the regular ones. It has properties like protein, filling fibre and vitamin B which leads to flat tummy. Its variety of kale and has been part of Italian cuisine. You can add it to your salads or make smoothies from it.

26)White Tea

Green tea has a competitor now when losing weight is the aim. White tea blocks formation of fat cells and increases lipolysis which helps in breakdown of fat. White tea consists of catechins which is a natural antioxidant useful for protecting your body from radicals and belly fat. They are harvested mainly in China. You can drink it directly after adding it to boiling water.


To enhance your protein intake, add pepitas to your foods. Roasted pumpkin seeds have about 8 gms of protein every ounce and they are full of zinc, potassium and fibre. More muscles you have lesser will be the fat. Pepitas are squash seeds and can be added to almost any food.

28)Pu-erh Tea

If you don’t know anything about this Chinese tea, it’s high time that you add it to your morning routine. As per a study, on adding this fermented tea to the diet of obese mice, their cholesterol levels and body weight decreased. You can drink it directly after adding it to boiling water.


These tiny berries have mighty affects when it comes to reducing belly fat. They have been proven to reduce total body weight, abdominal fat and triglycerides. They are cultivated or picked from wild or semi wild bushes. Don’t forget to add it to your yogurt parfait or smoothies next time!

30)Oat Bran

If you love to have first meal of your day full of oats then we are surely encouraging you. We are just introducing you to oatmeal’s talented cousin Oat bran. Oat bran has more fibre and protein content which means you will have full stomach for longer hours. Oat bran is the outer layer of oat groat. It can be consumed just like oatmeal.


Pickles have fibre, water and vinegar and zero calorie content. One cup of pickled cucumbers contains 2 gms fibre and 16 calories. Studies have proven that vinegar helps to enhance the carb-burning rate of body. Once your body burns carbs, it gets onto burning fat next. You can find them in grocery store near you. you may add them to you salad or bread sandwich.


To add most high amounts of nutrients to your diet, add freshly ground flaxseeds to your food. One tablespoon of flaxseed has around 2.3 gm of ALA which burns fats. You can also use flaxoil in salads. Its cultivated in Europe, Asia, South America and parts of U.S. You can add it to smoothies and salads, etc.

33)Sunflower Seeds

Add them to your bowl of breakfast or lunch, sunflower seeds are best way to add magnesium to your diet. Magnesium helps in making the body release fat. Sunbutter and sunflower seeds are great belly busters. Fat in the seeds have lead to decrease in abdominal fat in women. They are picked from harvested sunflower. You can add it to any food except sweet.

34)Black Pepper

Piperine is found in black pepper which burns fat and triggers adipogenesis which results in reduced waist size and low cholesterol. Its native to south-west Kerala in India. Sprinkle black pepper in almost everything you eat and loose weight!

35)Dark Chocolate

It’s great news for chocholics, now you can eat another chocolate without guilt. Eating dark chocolate in moderate amounts leads to decrease in overall body fat and reduces the waistline due to anti inflammatory and heart healthy flavonoids present in it. Grab a chocolate bar with minimum 70% cocoa in it.  You can find them in grocery store near you. You can make oatmeal chocolate cookies using them or eat them like that.


Half cup of Quinoa has 12 gm of fibre and protein good for reducing hunger and 9 amino acids which make it good source of protein. It also has magnesium and zinc for flat belly. It originated from areas around Peru and Bolivia. You can add it to salads or use it in place of rice.

37)Green Tea

Similar to white tea, green tea also has catechins that boost your metabolism. People who consumed it regularly have low BMI and small waists in comparison to those who don’t. It originated from Japan and China. You can drink it directly by adding it to boiling water.


Asparagus helps you achieve the body of your dreams due to its large amount of benefits like iron, folate, calcium, fibre, protein, copper, vitamins B6, C, A, K and E. and this is still not the best part, one cup of these spears have 3 gm of protein and fibre for 37 calories. They are natively found in Siberia to South Africa. You can eat it cooked, raw, hot or cold served as soup or salad, etc.


Eating an entire eggplant may not seem appetising at first but it can surely be done and I recommend that you do it. One veggie contains 4.5 gm of muscle gaining protein and 14 gm fibre. It originated from South Asia or South Africa. You can eat it by grilling it with olive oil and munching it as a snack or on top of pizza.


Kefir takes on the protein punch and benefits of Greek yogurt to next level. Probiotics present in it enhances your weight loss and satiates hunger. As per a study, it breaks down fat and that’s why you need to add it to your diet for sure! It originated from Caucasus Mountains and can be consumed directly just like other drinks.


One grapefruit every day keeps fats away. But how is it done? Fruit’s acidity content slows the digestion process making you feel full for long hours. Its a cross between Jamaican sweet orange and pommel. It was found in Barbados island.  Eat one grapefruit before breakfast.


Kamut is a less known native of grain grown in Middle East and is full of omega-3 fatty acids, high proteins and low calories. It is mot just for good for reducing belly fat but is also great for saying goodbye to cholesterol, blood sugar and cytokines causing inflammation. Apart from Quinoa, it can also make a wonderful addition to salads!

43)Olive Oil

Olive oil is believed to be the beacon of health benefits and when we are talking about the extra virgin Olive Oil, then the benefits become ten folds more superior. Not only EVOO is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols but also they help in satiating your mind by triggering the release of serotonin in the blood.

It also has anti-mutagenic properties which prevent cancer. But, it’s not always feasible to use EVOO in every dish, thanks to the price. It’s native to Mediterranean basin. Seasoning the salads with EVOO is still acceptable. But for grilling the foods, you can use a low priced variety of olive oil.

44)Russet Potatoes

Russet potato might look quite terrifying if you are on a strict diet plan, but in reality, this particular potato breed is healthier than the oatmeal or brown rice you take. Australian researchers derived an index of thirty-eight different foods which is based on the satiating power. Andamongst these foods, the Russet potato is there.

This fibre-rich and potassium-laden underground root keep you full for long hours, thussatiating your hunger with it is far better than eating a doughnut or a cake. Just remember, everything should be taken in a lot and so is Russet potato. They are specially grown in Idaho. You can boil them and eat it directly as snack.


There is no doubt that the pulses are very good dietary food, thanks to the protein-rich composition. And amongst these protein-rich fibres, lentils are the best one. The starch present in this dietary pulse is digested slowly, and hence, acetate is released into the blood stream.

This chemical further signals a fuller effect to the gut, thereby satiating your hunger. After performing a series of tests on the lentils, it is found that consuming a three-fourth cup of the pulses on a daily basis has triggered a filled stomach sensation in 31% people.

Also, it is proved that lentils can reduce inflammations by an average of 22%. Apart from this, lentils help in lowering the cholesterol level and also heightens fat metabolism. You can find them in grocery store near you. they can be used to make soups or boiled and added in salads.


If you are choosing Kimchi only when you are walking in some famous Korean BBQ restaurants, then after returning back home, don’t forget to include Kimchi in your daily diet.

As revealed by the research group at Kyung Hee University in Seoul, Kimchi is rich in multiple probiotic components hunger which cut down the hunger, thereby reducing the chances of gaining significant weight. They fed a group of rats with a high-fat diet while kimchi was served to another rat group.

Afterward, it was seen that the rats who were fed with Kimchi has suppressed the chances of becoming obese by 28%. So, add Kimchi in your daily diet routine and don’t forget to add brined olives and pickles in the list. It is made by fermenting Chinese radish or cabbage by adding acid bacteria. It can be consumed directly or along with dishes.


Salmons isn’t the only seafood that is rich in Omega-3 content as recent studies have revealed that Sardines too are being counted in the list.Omega-3 fatty acids are said to be the best friend of your heart as it reduces the level of triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood.

This fatty acid can also improve your mood and has the ability to prevent Alzheimer’s diseases. These are oily fish originally found in Mediterranean island of Sardinia. Just visit the grocery markets and buy omega-3rich fishes within 2$ price range. You can eat the canned sardines directly with a dressing.

48)Cottage Chease

Are you tired of eating only chicken as your main course meal with the hope of having a high protein intake? If yes, the why don’t you try cottage cheese which is indeed the hub coating protein? In fact, this dietary food contains all the amino acids which we require for proper functioning. It was found in ancient Mesopotamia. You can serve it with veggies and fruits or spread on toast and salads.

49)Bell Pepper

When you are super stressed about your life, there is no point in exercising because you will be putting on weight. Stress triggered your adrenal gland to release the cortisol hormone. This hormone stores the fatty acids in the subcutaneous muscle layer of the belly.

However, foods like bell papers which are rich in Vitamin C helps to reduce the cortisol level in it your blood. As a result, you can sport a toned belly with abs peeking from behind the skin. They are native to Central America, northern South America and Mexico. You can add them to your salad and eat them raw.

50)Peanut Butter

Peanut butter and jam sandwiches are far beyond than helping you to weigh more. Rather a journal released from JAMA internal medicine has showed that the polyunsaturated and the monounsaturated fats in the nuts enhance the health of your heart. But mark one thing; your daily intake should be limited to two tablespoons of the nuts.

You can find them in grocery store near you. If you want a quick meal and want your stomach to remain full for a longer time, simply dip your apple slices in the butter and gulp them down.

51)Citrus Fruits

Vitamin C in fruits like red peppers and oranges help you reduce almost 30% of your body fat with regular exercise. This is found in a research done on people by Arizona State University. You can buy them from your nearest grocery. You can eat them raw or add them in your salad and enjoy its benefits!


Chickpeas are great resource of plant-based protein and fibre, as well as antioxidants and bloat busting minerals. Chickpeas are important food plant in Africa, India and South and Central America. Chickpeas can easily be added to stews, salads, side dishes, soups, etc. chickpea flour can also be used as an alternative to baking flour to get a filling and nutritious dish.


Pumpkin has more fibre than Quinoa and higher amount of potassium than banana. Pumpkin puree to snacks and dishes is a great way to eat pumpkin. They are found in North America. You can surely try eating it next time you will feel like eating something sweet, add the pumpkin puree to Greek yogurt with pears and cinnamon and you can enjoy your healthy dessert.


One cup of peas includes a large amount of nutrients and 8gm of protein. It’s nearly what you need to get magnesium, vitamin C, iron and potassium; all of it will help in creating balance of sodium and enhancing oxygen levels in blood. Peas are basically native to Middle East and Mediterranean region. You can eat them by adding peas to boiling water and adding to salads along with fresh mint and olive oil and lemon juice.


We all know that onion, garlic, scallions, leeks and shallots are used for enhancing flavour of a dish. They also add probiotic fibre to your food. Onions are basically found in Central Asia. You can add them into dishes like pasta or omelettes or even salads.


Weight loss is surely tough to attain, there are different factors that play a part in this like quality of diet, body type, metabolic rate, physical activity and lifestyle. I understand that it is difficult to follow workout routine everyday with family obligations and hectic work schedules, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t lose weight. With few dietary changes, you can melt your extra body fat the way I did!

In the struggle of weight loss, belly bulge is surely a tough nutshell to break.  But this list of healthy foods has come to your help in losing weight as well as good for your taste buds too! They help you get a smaller waistline and although hard to believe, they taste good too.

If you will do a daily set of exercise daily along with your diet then the speed of weight loss will be quite noticeable.  I found these food items a great help to get my body weight under control so that I can wear all of my pretty dresses I one year again! Hopefully this list will help you to loose your belly fat fast too!


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