Top 9 belly fat exercises for women | Workouts to lose belly fat at home

Top 9 belly fat exercises for women | Workouts to lose belly fat at home

Majority of the females are getting quite health conscious these days. They are especially concerned about their looks and most importantly what worries most of the females these days is their belly fat! Rather than dreaming about getting married to a rich guy and settling in a big house, what I feel is that these days females dream about eating a lot without getting fat and without having a big belly. We females try hard to get a body like our favourite celebrities. Majority of the individuals also go on crash diets to lose that annoying belly fat. But let me tell you that even though you go on a strict diet but if you do not exercise, then you would not lose your belly fat. Eating right along with regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle go hand in hand.

Also remember that Rome was not built in a day. Similarly one cannot expect to have a flatter belly just in a week. Good things take time. Things that come easy to a person also goes away very easily.

Following are few exercises to reduce belly fat for females at home

1) Crunches


Crunches are one of the best way to lose the stubborn belly fat for females. If you are trying hard to fit into your favourite dress or an important event is coming up like your sister’s wedding you need to get into shape. You can do at least ten sets of crunches every day at the beginning and gradually increase it to three sets per day. Numerous research studies from the International Journal of Sports Science states that regular crunches not only helped to reduce belly fat in females but also improved the incidence of non- alcoholic fatty liver disease.

To do crunches follow these steps:

  • Lie on your back flat with your hands behind your hand or placed near your chest.
  • Fold your knees with your feet lying absolutely flat on the ground.
  • When you lift your upper torso up exhale the air out of your nostrils and when you are about to touch the ground backwards deep a deep breathe (inhale) again.
  • You can even try out side crunches. To do this you have to lift your right shoulder towards the left. While doing this always remember to keep your left torso on the ground.

The start is always challenging but always remember that never give up. When the thought of giving up comes to your mind, Always remember why you started off. To stay motivated what you can do is stick a favourite picture of your favourite celebrity near a place in your house that you normally be there most of the time. Looking at that picture constantly along with a picture of your target weight can keep you motivated to stick to your exercise schedule.

2) The stomach vacuum postion


You can practice the stomach vacuum position at least three times every day for better results. You may be wondering as to what is the stomach vacuum position exactly? Well another name for this position is also called as a “cat pose”. It is called so because you have to support your body on both your hands as well as knees just like a cat.

Once you have positioned yourself well you should follow the following steps.

  • Breathe in while you loosen your abdominal muscles.
  • Breathe out when you hold or tighten your abdominal muscles.
  • While you tighten your abdominal muscles hold it for about say thirty seconds and repeat the procedure as mentioned above.

According to many research studies this position helps to tighten up your belly and have a flat stomach as well as it strengthens your spine. It is very much required by females since nowadays many females suffer from a weak spine and have back problems commencing at an early age. Do not forget that while you are sticking to your workout schedule, always stick to a healthy and a balanced diet which will give you ample amount of energy while working up and prevent muscle losses. Do not follow crash diets like having only fruits, salads, etc. It will not only weaken your immune system but also make you suffer from symptoms like weakened bones (osteoporosis and other bone problems at an early age), hair losses and deficiencies of various vitamins and minerals leading to symptoms like night- blindness, Beri-Beri etc. Start your day with a wonderful detox drink that will cleanse your body of the harmful toxins for example honey and lemon in lukewarm warm or else wheatgrass juice in lukewarm water. It will not only strengthen your metabolism but will also help the stubborn belly fat go away faster.

3) Bicycle


According to many research studies it has been proved that bicycle workout indeed helps to strengthen one’s abs and tighten one’s abdomen muscles especially for females.

To perform the bicycle workout follow these steps mentioned below.

  • Lie flat on the ground and mimic as if you are paddling on a bicycle. It will hurt and pain a lot at the start. Hence, Begin with around ten reps per day. Gradually increase it to twenty five reps per day.
  • Once your stamina has improved you can increase the number of reps performed per day.

You can begin with skipping and then continue with the bicycle workout. It is proven to be quite effective in reducing abdominal fat for females.

4) Walking, jogging and running


Who said that it is absolutely necessary to join a gym only to lose your belly fat? Well you can even begin walking in the morning’s or in the evening’s around four to five times a week for about thirty five to forty minutes daily. Females usually find it very boring to do any kind of activity alone. Hence, go ahead and encourage your friend along with you to go for a long stroll or a walk in the garden. Always remember do not walk in the hot scorching sun. It will lead to severe headaches and make you suffer from dehydration. Early morning or late evening is the best time to go for a walk. If you are a beginner you can just begin by walking. Once you get comfortable with walking at a regular pace, start with jogging and then running. It helps to burn calories and burn belly fat. You will start feeling lighter in a month itself.

5) Swimming


Women love things that are fun loving and not boring. Swimming is one kind of an activity for females which is a fun loving activity as well as it would help in toning not only your abdominal muscles but also it helps in toning your overall body. Do not swim in the hot sun. Those harmful ultraviolet rays are not good for your health. Do not forget to apply a sunscreen lotion just before swimming to protect your skin from getting tanned. Early morning or late evening is the best time to go for a swim. Females you can get your friends along and go for a swim or else you can also go for a swim with your entire family. According to many research studies by the journal of sports science, it has been stated that swimming is known to improve flexibility as well as endurance in an individual as well as it is known to improve cardiovascular fitness. It will help to reduce your stubborn belly too. So what are you waiting for? Go for a swim along with your family and friends either in the morning or in the evening but not in the scorching heat.

6) Bending side to side workout


Bending side to side work out will not only help to eradicate the harmful belly fat but also the harmful fat from the waist area.

Steps to be followed during this workout is as follows.

  • Stand on the ground with minimal distance between both your feet and your hands on the side ways.
  • While doing so stretch towards the right hand side of your waist while holding your waist with your right hand. Keep stretching till you feel a stretch on the left hand side of your body. While doing so lift your left hand up in the air.
  • Similarly stretch your body towards the left hand side of your waist while holding your waist with your left hand. Keep stretching till you feremember to lift your right hand up in the air. Do this exercise every day for better and sustained results to be observed in yourself.

7) Zumba


Workouts seem boring when you treat it like your work routine. Zumba is one kind of a fun-loving activity for females that not only helps females to lose their stubborn belly fat but also helps to tone the overall body. According to many research studies by the American Council, Zumba has seen to have positive effects not only on the physical health of females but also it has a very positive impact on the mental health of women by increasing the level of endorphins- “Feel-good” hormones in their bodies. You can even track the amount of calories that you burn per hour by wearing a fitness tracker. Well, isn’t it quite amazing that on an average women at least burn up to 9.2 calories per minute? So what are you waiting for? Just wear your dancing shoes and get ready for some fun loving thrilling moves. Working out indeed seems fun loving when you start loving your workout.

8) Planks


Planks not only help to flatten one’s abs but also helps to build the endurance and stamina of an individual. Women should at least do 3-4 sets of planks daily for an overall toned body. Planks help to tighten one’s muscles.

Follow the steps mentioned below to do planks:

  • Lie flat on the ground with your abdomen facing the ground.
  • Lift your hands and raise your body gradually in the right angle ninety degree fashion till your shoulder length putting weight on your toes. Remember that the space between both the hands too should be of your shoulder length.
  • Remain in this plank position for at least fifteen seconds and repeat up to three to four sets of it at the start for the beginner’s. Once your stamina has built up quite well you can gradually start increasing the number of reps.

9) Shoulder tap

Shoulder tap

Shoulder taps is another kind of a workout that you should definitely accompany along with planks as mentioned earlier which again not only help’s one to attain a flatter belly but also help’s to build the endurance level of an individual.

According to many research studies conducted by the American Journal Of Sports Science, it has been observed that the individuals who were quite regular and consistent with performing plank’s and shoulder tap’s daily showed tremendous results in improving their stamina and endurance level. Also reported cases of improved insulin sensitivity was been observed in individuals.

To perform shoulder tap’s follow the mentioned steps as below:

  • Lie down in the proper plank position ( as mentioned in point number 8 )
  • Now take your left hand and tap it on your right shoulder while staying on the plank position itself.
  • Similarly, take your right hand and tap it on your left shoulder while staying on the plank position.

For the beginner’s do not rush by doing shoulder tap’s too much in a day. Start slow, build your stamina and then increase the number of reps performed daily.

Do this daily to see amazing flatter belly results. Always remain consistent as taking breaks in the middle won’t help you achieve your desired result.

I hope you really loved reading my article on various exercises to reduce belly fat for females and would definitely stop being a couch potato and start working out to eradicate harmful belly fat. Stay motivated and lead a fitter and a healthy lifestyle. Thank you and have a healthy and an energetic day ahead.


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