Top 9 belly fat exercises for men | Reduce belly fat fast

Top 9 belly fat exercises for men | Reduce belly fat fast

Which man on this universe wants to look like a couch potato? Every man on this earth wants to have six pack abs and both look and feel good. No wonder why men these days are hitting the gym and getting over conscious about their health. Well exercising the right way is very essential to eradicate the harmful belly fat. Yet these day’s owing to various misconceptions about following various crash diet’s, many individual’s fall prey to following these diet’s and then later land up in the hospital.

They follow various crash diets like Atkins diet, fruit diet, keto-genic diet and expect faster weight loss results as well as reduction of their belly fat. Well to lose belly fat it is necessary consult a qualified nutritionist to plan your diet as well as along with diet various belly fat workouts would help you look fitter your favourite celebrity. Remember that what comes easily goes away easily too. Give yourself some time to achieve your desired fat loss target. As Rome was not build in a day similarly you cannot expect to lose your belly fat just in a week. Good things indeed take time!

Following are few selected belly exercises for lose belly fat for men and lead a healthy and happy life.

1) Brisk walking

Brisk walking

Brisk walking is one of the best ways to lose your over-all body fat especially your belly fat. The best time to go for a brisk walk is early in the morning or late in the evening to protect yourself from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the scorching sun.

Remember to have a nice detox drink and a fruit before you go for a brisk walk. If you are a beginner go at a slower pace. 

Walk slow then gradually increase your walking pace till you are comfortable with jogging and then running as well. According to numerous research studies brisk walking has seen to improve insulin levels in diabetics as well as improve symptoms of cardiovascular diseases by decreasing harmful cholesterol levels and increasing the level of good fats (High Density Lipoprotein) in the body of an individual. 

It is quite obvious since we are all human beings, we get tempted to have something from the street side hawker’s when we go for a brisk walk since exercise also increases the appetite of a person. But remember that self-control should be your main key and you should be motivated well enough to overcome various temptations.

2) Push-ups


Push-ups are another way to lose that extra belly fat for men. It is not necessary to join a gym for doing push-ups. You can even do push-ups at home.

To do push-ups follow the following steps as mentioned below:

  1. Lie your toes towards the ground with your hands holding the surface of the ground.
  2. Move your torso towards the ground gradually with your hands still touching the ground at a right angle.
  3. Remember to place your hands closer to your body that placing it far away from your body and breathe as you lower your torso downwards.
  4. Lift your body gradually up with your head facing straight.

The beginners should always begin with ten sets of push-ups daily and then gradually increase the number of reps of push-ups. Increasing the number of push-ups at once instantly may lead to severe muscle strain and wear and tear of muscles.

3) Side stretches, torso stretches and back stretches


You may wonder as to how stretches can help lose belly fat. Well as per many research studies by the Lung and Blood Heart Institute, stretches not only help to increase your overall blood circulation but also certain stretches like the side- stretch, torso stretch and back stretches particularly focus on eradicating the harmful and stubborn belly fat out there. 

These stretches help you lose up to one hundred and eighty calories per hour. You can perform stretches at the beginning of your intense workout as a warm up kind of an activity or else in the middle of an intense work out to cool down yourself and at the end of your workout session.

Stretches are simple to perform and should be a part of your daily exercise routine. Always remember to take small sips of water in between your workouts to prevent yourself from getting dehydrated during your intense workout. You can even make your water colorful by consuming detox water which is made up of mint, lemon and coriander and sip it throughout the day and not only during exercise.

4) Weight training

Weight lifting

Whenever you are beginning with weight training always remember that do not carry heavy weights just at once at the start itself. Begin with low kg weights and gradually shift to medium and then high kilogram dumb bells. Do not try to imitate your fellow buddy at the gym and carry heavy weights just at once. You may just suffer from a severe muscle injury. Go slow and be consistent. This is the main key to build your stamina and endurance level in any kind of an activity.

The benefits of weight training is that it can definitely help you lose that harmful and stubborn belly fat and also tone the muscles of your entire body by promoting loss of stubborn fat cells. The best part about weight training is that it boosts your metabolism at the peak even after performing your weight training workout.

Dead lift and back squats are the king of all weight training workouts which helps an individual to tone the overall muscles of the body by releasing overall testosterone levels in the blood.

5) Jump – rope exercises for men


Guys if you ever thought that jump rope was only meant for children then let me tell you that you are absolutely incorrect. Well jump ropes can be performed by men as well which is very essential to build the stamina and endurance of an individual. To perform jump rope exercise all that you would need is obviously a jump rope and secondly a stop watch which is easily available in your smart phone these days.

The following are the steps for performing jump rope exercises for men.

  1. Jump with the help of your jump rope for thirty seconds continuously and then take thirty seconds of rest.
  2.  Now jump for totally forty-five seconds continuously and then take fifteen minutes of rest. Repeat this cycle.

Jump ropes exercise not only help you to lose belly fat but it will help you to strengthen the core of your muscles as well. So at least perform five sets of these daily for the beginners and gradually increase the number of reps as you progress.

6) Squats


You need not necessarily join a gym for performing squats. Squats not only help to strengthen your torso. It will help you build your abs and lose your belly fat as well. So now you can actually use your own body resistance to perform this workout and lose belly fat. Squats also give you perfect muscular thighs that every girl would look for in a guy.

To perform squats following these steps as mentioned as below.

  1. Put your hands in the front and bend your body as though you are sitting on a chair.
  2. Bend your body in such a way that your upper thighs seem parallel to the ground.
  3. Once you are well versed with this workout daily you can hold weights and perform squats daily for better results. Start with lower weights at the beginning as mentioned earlier and then gradually progress to medium kilo weights and then high kilo weights as you squat.

According to many research studies squats help you to build your overall metabolism of your body by increasing your basal metabolic rate. It helps to lower the body fat percentage and increase the muscle mass of your body. Thus, this is a must exercise to be performed daily without fail.

7) Stability ball


You must definitely purchase a stability ball online or from a fitness store as it has various benefits of reducing your belly fat and toning the core muscles of your body. If you have joined a gym you can use the stability ball there too.

To perform stability ball workout follow these steps as mentioned below.

  1. Lay your hands flat on the ground while your toes are lying on the stability ball. ( You can wear your shoes while performing this exercise)
  2. Do normal push ups. As you raise up raise your hips and make your legs straight while you push the ball inwards.

You can perform around five sets of stability ball exercise daily either at your home or else at the gym wherever you are comfortable. Gradually increase the number of reps for better belly fat reduction results. 

While performing these workouts do not forget that also having a healthy lifestyle overall by consuming a balanced diet as well is equally important or else your workout is of no use at all since a healthy diet as well as exercise both work hand-in-hand. 

According to various research studies by the American Journal of Sports Science it has been observed that performing such kinds of exercise daily improved cardiovascular fitness in majority of the individuals. Thus do not forget to include this workout in your exercise plan daily.

8) The abs roll-out exercise


The Abs roll-out exercise will help you build and strengthen your abs and flatten your belly. It is a simple exercise for men that can be performed on a daily basis but you should religiously perform this exercise for drastically amazing results.

To perform this exercise follow the steps as mentioned as below.

  1. Hold the abs roller with both your hands from the sides while you are sitting at a position with your body weight falling entirely on your knees.
  2. Now gently move forward rolling the abs roller at the front. While you do so, inhale deeply. Remember that you should not let your body touch the floor entirely but stretch as much as you can. This will help you build your flexibility as well and stamina.
  3. While you are returning to your normal position and moving the abs roller backwards exhale and release all the air.

This is a wonderful endurance building workout for men. Perform at least ten reps daily at the beginning and then gradually increase the number of reps as you progress and your stamina builds up. People who have lower back problems and herniated discs should obviously should not perform this kind of an exercise.

9) Cardio (treadmill workout)


After your warm up activity in the gym you can do a fifteen to twenty minutes quick cardio session workout on the tread-mill. Remember that if you are a beginner you definitely need not hurry and walk at a low speed on the treadmill and gradually increase the speed on the treadmill when your fitness endurance level has built up.

You need not imitate others in the gym by running at a high speed on the treadmill at the start. We all have different fitness levels. We can definitely build our score up by exercising daily. May be the person who is running in the treadmill besides you might have built the speed over time and might not be a beginner like you.

You can also definitely build your speed over time. Talk to your fitness trainer and tell him to plan your exercise regime accordingly. He or she will guide you by asking you questions as to how active you are by taking your exercise history.

Do not hit the gym for 5-6 hours continuous at the stretch at the beginning. It can lead to severe muscle strain and loss. Next day you might have severe pain and this might demotivate you to exercise the next day and you might just find yourself laying fast asleep on your bed. 


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