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How to lose weight using Tejocote Root?

Crataegus species are deciduous spring-flowering shrubs, belonging to the Rosaceae family. Etymologically, Crataegus is a derivative of the Greek word ‘Kratos’ meaning strength, referring either to the hardness of the woody bark or to its strong medicinal virtues. The nomenclature within the Crataegus genus is not clear. This is attributed

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12 ways to lose belly fat for kids

Overweight issue in children is a developing reason for concern around the world. It has prompted an ascent in youth diabetes, cholesterol, osteoporosis, greasy liver, asthma, heart diseases and so forth. These illnesses that normally happen in adulthood are currently showing up in the youth. Fat children are additionally progressively

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Apple cider vinegar is the new wellbeing mantra_banner

Apple cider vinegar for belly fat reduction

Apple cider vinegar is the new wellbeing mantra! This isn’t only an announcement. It’s valid in a genuine sense. Regardless of whether you are experiencing coronary illness or some sort of disease, skin or hair issues, apple juice vinegar can act the hero. Even better, it can help consume fat

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How to lose belly fat in 10 days - Banner

How to reduce belly fat in 10 days

Among the most challenging things to maintain in a person’s body is a flat belly. Studies show that belly fat is an issue that doubles chances of heart disease attacks. Even if you’re not obese, belly fats increase the chances of your death. A study conducted in July 2017 shows

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20 Worst Food for Belly Fat

20 worst foods for belly fat

We all have heard this particular adage- “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. Yes indeed the food that we consume these days can either build our immune system or else destroy it. That’s why it is very essential to consume a balanced diet and get rid

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